Why Grass Hydroseeding?

Download Lawn-Care Instructions
Lawn-Care Instructions

  • Hydroseeding offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Large areas of bare soil can be seeded quickly
  • Sowing for hillsides & sloping lawns is simplified
  • A cheaper planting solution to turf/sod
  • High germination rates produce grass in approx. 1 week
  • Ongoing growth is accelerated due to included mulch
  • Results can be seen fast!

How Does Hydroseeding Work?

Quality top soil is prepared on the area to be sown, ready for the grass-seed. Using the latest in hydroseeding technologies, a mixture of grass seed and mulch is sprayed under high pressure onto pre-prepared ground. This spraying process provides great coverage, quickly. The seed is now kept moist to encourage germination / seed striking.

Fast Growing Lawn Grass: Hydroseeding

Lawn grass hydroseeding helps our customers achieve Turf-Quality Lawns for less! SpeedyLawns offers Wairarapa property and land owners the latest in hydroseeding and erosion control technology. We can offer solutions for all sizes of projects, no matter the location.

Landscaper or DIY Gardener

Speedy Lawn are happy to work with both professional garden landscapers or Do-It-Yourselfers alike. We can scarify your soil or grass to ensure that once we spray the grass-seed, it strikes in around 7 days.

Fast & Cost Effective

The hydroseeding solution we provide for your lawn is fast to apply, grass growth is speedy and cost-effective. There's no need to roll out expensive lawn turn, with the hope that it doesn't die or shrink from soil-shock.

Maintenance & Advice

SpeedyLawns also offers a maintenance programme and professional advice.

Organic Options

Organic grass seed options, mulch, fertilizer and herbicide options are available and can be discussed during the quotation process.

NZ Seed Brokers - Professional seed advice

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